Hôtel Channel Info

Hôtel channel info

About the hotel channel
Thank you for your interest in learning more about the HotelChannel® website. Our website provides a quick guide to hotels in cities around the world, with links to several online booking services. Searching for hotel deals has never been easier, as the HotelChannel service links to more than one of the top hotel discounters online. The sections below tell you a little more about our operations, organization and technology.

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How it works

The HotelChannel service combines the world’s leading database of hotel information with multiple booking services. We present detailed hotel information in a mode optimised for viewing on interactive television (iTV) devices, then select the best hotel inventory provider(s) for each hotel. Because we work with multiple sources of hotel rooms, we can save you time from browsing endless hotel sites that, when you look closely, all seem to represent the same “discount” source.

Who we are

When you use the HotelChannel service, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are not dealing with a passing business with nothing more than a website and a good position in a search engine. HotelChannel is a service of MetroGuide.com, Inc, a company that is a registered travel vendor (Florida registration number ST-34218) with years of experience in the travel industry. We only work with the industry’s leading hotel inventory providers, so you can rest assured that your booking through us is safe and that you will receive the customer service you deserve.

How we do it

The Hotel Channel website uses sophisticated content management technology to bring you one of the largest and most accurate hotel databases available on the Internet. The site is powered by MetroManager™, recognized as a world leader in electronic city guide publishing. XML technology helps us package the information so that it can be presented in different viewing devices, including via interactive television. Once you select a hotel, a system called ContextManager™ selects the ideal supplier for that hotel. We do the shopping for you. It sounds complicated, but we’ve worked very hard to use all the whiz-bang technology to make finding and booking the right hotel and room source easier for you, our reader and customer.